Welcome to Alderworks Alaska Writers and Artists Retreat on the banks of West Creek in beautiful Dyea, Alaska.  Our retreat is located nine miles out the Dyea Road from historic Skagway and is within the Dyea-Chilkoot Trail unit of Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park.  Skagway may be accessed via the Klondike Highway from the north or the Alaska Marine Highway ferry system and flights from Juneau and Haines from the south.

Prospective applicants for 2019 summer residencies may apply between November 15, 2018 and February 15, 2019. See Apply page for details. Review of applications and finalist interviews takes place in late February-early March and final decisions are made in mid-late March. There are two summer residency periods for our cabins: 1) mid-May until the end of June , and 2)  mid-July until the end of August. We will have a new studio/workshop available for use by residents in 2019.

2018 Residents  – Alderworks hosted five residents this past summer (a sixth was unable to attend). In our first session starting in mid-May we welcomed Sitka, Alaska poet/teacher Kersten Christianson in the Mary Jane cabin, upstate New York writer Lindsey Danis in the Bea cabin, and Oakland, California writer/MFA student Ariadne Wolf in the Margaret cabin. In the second session starting in mid-July, we welcomed Flagstaff, Arizona artist Rachel Wilson in the Mary Jane cabin and New York City writer/editor Agnes Bannigan in the Bea cabin. See photos on our Facebook page about their community projects/programs.

History to Date – Restoration of the three resident cabins – Bea, Margaret and Mary Jane – and a bath house occurred in the summers of 2012-2014 and can be viewed by touring the photo gallery. During the fall of 2014 and summer of 2015 we invited our first writers from Alaska-Yukon for test residencies in the finished Alderworks cabins and to give us feedback. Our first full summer was in 2016 and was very successful. The 2016 residents were: Bea cabin – Amanda Waldroupe of Oregon (non-fiction true crime), Liesl Ravenscroft of South Africa (non-fiction memoir); Margaret cabin – Crystal Cudworth of Wisconsin (painter), Mollie Hosmer-Dillard of New York (painter); Mary Jane cabin – Penelope Moffet of California (poetry) and Jenny Mueller of Washington (poetry), and Kathryn Kain of California (painter, printmaker).  We had another good year in 2017.  Summer Residents were: Mary Jane Cabin: X̱ʼunei Lance Twitchell of Juneau (language arts), Gaylord Brewer of Tennessee (poetry); Bea Cabin: Mary Catharine Martin of Juneau (journalist, novelist), Jeanette Morrisett of Fort Yukon (non-fiction, fiction); Margaret Cabin: Jessica Ramer of Mississippi (poetry), Kristen Phipps of Kansas (painter).

See photos in our Gallery or on our Facebook page and read some of their testimonials on the Media & Testimonials page.

Please tour our site and read about our Vision for Alderworks, explore the individual Cabins, and view our Residency Guidelines and Apply pages. If you have any questions, please e-mail us.

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Logo by Josh Downs • Site photos by Elise Giordano, Jeff & Dorothy Brady, Kathy Gates, and Jan Aalt van den Hoorn

Music to overhead video: “Acorn Falls” by Tasha-Yar, courtesy of Ben Teeter (video will play with wifi connection)

Our three cabins…

are best suited for writers, acoustic musicians, painters, small craft workers, or fiber artists. In the future we hope to have a studio space on the property that will be able to be used by potters and sculptors.