Residency Guidelines

The purpose of Alderworks is to enhance the creative process. If you are accepted, how you succeed at creating new or better work is pretty much up to you. What we provide is a simple setting, secluded on the edge of wilderness, that is meant to inspire. If something wonderful comes from this experience, whether a work of art or a jumbled puzzle of brilliant ideas that need more honing, then we are happy and hopefully you will be too.

We do ask that you do something for the community while you are here, whether giving a reading, having a small show at your cabin, or hosting a workshop. You also are welcome to help in the garden if you want to.

What we provide – basics

  • a residence away from home in which to live, write and create
  • shared space in new studio building for artist(s)-in-residence
  • bedding and towels
  • kitchen with utensils and cookware
  • electricity, refrigerator, propane cook stove/oven, running water, and drinking water (each cabin will have a jug for drinking water, water out of the taps is not good for drinking)
  • electric wall heaters in each cabin, supplemented by wood stoves in Bea and Mary Jane cabins (residents will be instructed in proper use of these and fire safety)
  • bath facilities (private bath in Mary Jane, bath house for Bea and Margaret residents)
  • laundry facility with soap for washing your clothes, towels, bedding, etc.
  • wireless internet (slow in Dyea but available on the grounds near one of the cabins and at our main house)
  • bicycles for getting around Dyea
  • security via an electric bear fence surrounding the property, bear spray for walks in the woods (bears are in the Dyea area but encounters are very rare; still, you need to be bear aware for your safety and the animal’s)
  • BBQ every week or so to catch up with everyone (otherwise if you want to be left alone, we will leave you alone – let us know)

What you provide

  • Your own food – we can take you into town weekly to shop
  • Car if you feel you need one (one of us usually goes to town daily and can provide rides to get groceries, etc.)
  • Community project – reading, workshop, show at Alderworks with other residents or in town.

What we don’t allow

  • pets – we have our own dogs, cats, chickens, horses
  • non-working spouses or significant others, except for short visits
  • TV (no reception in Dyea anyway and no dish on our property – if you want to play DVDs on your laptop or computer, no problem, just keep the noise down or wear headphones)
  • loud music (unless at BBQ night by the firepit)
  • smoking in the cabins
  • alterations to cabins (if you want to move furniture around, speak to us first)
  • damage to property
  • rude behavior

At the end of your residency, we welcome your comments on how to make Alderworks better!