Margaret, named for Margaret Frans Brady, and Jeff’s mother, is a quaint one-room cabin nestled close to the forest. Margaret was a great supporter of education and the arts in her home state of North Carolina, and a supporter of her son’s creative writing and dream of starting up a newspaper and publishing company in Skagway, Alaska after he graduated from college. After her passing in 2000, Jeff took his inheritance and established the Margaret Frans Brady Fund in her honor, supporting arts and education projects and scholarships in Skagway and northern SE Alaska. Margaret was a knowledgeable woman with a strong faith, and this simple cabin is rooted in her belief that good works come from within.

The cabin was originally a storage shed and tool house on the property, but was moved to this location and made livable. Most of her cottonwood logs are original to the cabin, but she has been lovingly restored with a new foundation, roof and porch. From her porch you view the backside of AB ridge and the gardens.

Margaret sleeps only one. She has just enough room inside for a bed, a work table and a kitchen. She has running water in the sink, a small fridge, a propane cookstove/oven, and an electric wall heater. A resident of Margaret has a very short walk to the bath house for toilet and shower facilities.

Artist-in-residence rent for Margaret is $500 for up to 4 weeks, and $50 per week for 1-2 extra weeks.